Saturday, April 15, 2006

On "Pack Journalism"

Former Canadian embassador to Japan, Gregory Clark, had a similiar take on the subject:
One example is the pack journalistic myth of a Tiananmen Square massacre of students in 1989. All one needs to do to get the true story is insert "Tiananmen" into Google and read the reports at the time from none other than the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

You will discover that the so-called massacre was in fact a mini civil war as irate Beijing citizens sought to stop initially unarmed soldiers sent to remove students who had been demonstrating freely in the square for weeks. When the soldiers finally reached the square there was no massacre. There were in fact almost no students.

Mr. Clark's OpEd was originally published on the Japan Times:


Declassified document from the NSA backed up Clark's assertion the troops were initially unarmed:


Blogger KY 刘 said...

It's hard to get people to pay attention to this stuff though.

I've often noted that one of the dangers of the mainstream western press is the illusion of objectivity when in reality the journalists are only repeating a few conventional opinions. It's shocking how the effects of this kind of opinion clustering is often indistinguishable from propaganda.

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